Publication Ethics

The publication of an article in this peer-reviewed journal is aimed to contribute to disseminate investigations, developments, theoretical reflections and knowledge with the aim to contribute for the scientific development. We expect from all parties that the rigor of scientific publication is observed in the course of evaluating papers that are submitted. Therefore, ethical behavior is expected for all parties involved during the publishing process: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer and the publisher.

We see it as our duty to ensure a professional evaluation and a respective publication of articles according to their scientific and practical merits and values and such contribute to the raise of a culture in the field of psychotherapy. We established these rules and codes of conducts for all parties involved to assure as much as possible a fair treatment in every step of the process of publishing.

We are not charging a publication fee to the authors, since out interest is endorse and foster scientific publications in the field of psychotherapy and such promote the investigation and development of the field.

Duties of Authors

Duties of editors

Duties of reviewers